Zebra Health Care Solutions LLC

ZEBRA provides developers with a comprehensive analysis and detailed roadmap for developing under-utilized retail properties into state-of-the-art health care service facilities.  The developer / landlord acquires a crucial and invaluable tool for securing the appropriate development partner and/or health care tenants for the vacant space.

ZEBRA combines a deep knowledge of the health care services industry with a broad-based background in commercial real estate development. Zebra considers not only the hard demographic data and traffic patterns but also considers “psychographics” using Mosaic consumer lifestyle segmentation analysis. Zebra synthesizes this data with a comprehensive analysis of existing services and health care trends to create a best-use scenario for each individualized location.

In spite of current economic conditions, there is an unprecedented demand for health care services in urban, suburban and rural communities across the country.  Ambulatory care (medical care delivered on an out-patient basis) in a retail or shopping center environment can fill existing vacant and new-build space, will generate repeat customer visits, and will encourage co-tenancy with complementary and non-competitive retail uses.

Additionally, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has funded a $11 billion allocation to the Bureau of Primary Health Care through the Recovery Act to encourage and finance the development of these centers in non-traditional environments. 

Furthermore, there are numerous other new and workable public financing programs which allow for access to capital and financing.  For example, the $25 billion Build America Bonds program provides Recovery Zone Economic Development Bonds and Recovery Zone Facility Bonds on a county by county basis.

With the passage of health care legislation there will be 32 million Americans newly insured within the next few years. 

Developers currently have a unique opportunity to fill their dark, empty spaces with long-term tenants from the health care sector.  Medical office property typically has low tenant turn-over, as doctors tend to remain in the same space longer than most office tenants. Medical office property usually houses higher-credit and better quality tenants.

Medical office properties have performed favorably, and demand is set to accelerate as medical reform is phased in over the next several years. Unlike other asset types, medical office properties continue to garner investors' demand by exhibiting considerable resistance to the economic downturn.

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